Anniversary Sonoma Valley Sunset Recipe


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September is a special month for me, it’s my favorite time of year in Northern California weather wise, it’s my birthday month and as of 2 years ago, my anniversary month! I LOVE September weddings, so in planning my own, I knew I wanted to have it during that month.

We also thought that having our wedding on a long weekend like Labor Day would be a nice touch to have one extra day to decompress after a long and full weekend of celebrated and boy were we happy we did!

Labor Day Wedding Sonoma Valley Sunset Drink Recipe

Planning our wedding we experimented using Sonoma Syrup Co. products in lots of different cocktails before we narrowed it down to one. Something that drew us to using these products at our wedding was the fact that the ingredients are all natural!

We chose a caterer who also used all organic and natural ingredients in the food, so we really wanted to keep that consistency for our beverages as well!

I think our guests really appreciated consuming food and beverages that were not only delicious, but mostly locally sourced and healthy (Sonoma Syrup Co. uses all local ingredients and our caterer used locally grown produce, local cheeses/dairy and tried to keep it within the county as much as possible!) This little snippet of information ended up being a hit with our guest! They thought it was such a cool thing to do!

In fact, every piece of our wedding was locally sourced down to our attire, the flowers (which were grown in the area) the rentals and even the booze! I love California so was thrilled to support it down to every last detail!

Labor Day Wedding Sonoma Valley Sunset Drink Recipe

The cocktail we ended up choosing was called a “Sonoma Valley Sunset” (we got married in Sonoma Valley… at sunset… such an original name I know! hehe) and it was divine! We pre-mixed it so it was available to all guests during our cocktail hour (also known as family photos hour 😊)

We knew we wanted it to be a pink and golden color but not taste like a tropical cocktail. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good Mai Tai or Daquiri, but for our wedding, we wanted something more unique. We ended up creating a Pomegranate and Vanilla flavored cocktail with a hint of grapefruit to add a little tart to the mix.

Sonoma Valley Sunset

-2 oz Sonoma Syrup Pomegranate Grenadine

-1/2 teaspoon Sonoma Syrup Vanilla Bean Syrup

-1 oz grapefruit juice

-2 oz Vodka

-Seltzer water to fill

-Garnish with a sprig of lavender

Whether you are hosting a late summer dinner party, a wedding or a shower, this cocktail was a fan favorite! Enjoy! And to those of you celebrating an anniversary in September like me, Happy Anniversary Month!


Labor Day Wedding Sonoma Valley Sunset Drink Recipe