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Back to School Movie Night for the Whole Family


I come from a big family, and as my siblings and I all grew up, so did said family! Being the youngest of 5, I was always showered with traditions that only grew as we did. One of my favorite traditions that my siblings have carried on to their children is stretching summer vacation into the beginning months of the school year! Not only does this carve out a section of time to hang out as a family (we all get busy once the school year begins) it also makes the transition from summer vacation back to school a lot easier on the whole family!

My mom liked to give us things to work toward and look forward to at the beginning of each school week. My favorite was Friday night movie night (or Saturday if that works better for the week’s schedule- but Friday always seemed to flow better with the school week coming to an end). She always made it fun and feel like a truly special event so we would focus hard in school and behave, having something to look forward to as a reward (note I also attended a Waldorf School, and my mom was a Waldorf teacher, so screen time was rare!). Some weeks we would get to invite friends, others it was strictly family time, but it was always a time of happy growing up and a tradition I will surely carry on with my own children one day. Sometimes it would even turn into a straight family musical, all of us singing the songs that we knew all too well, together, all in different keys. It was so much fun!

Summer Movie Night

We watched all the classic animated Disney movies when we had this tradition… you know, The Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty, The Lion King, the list goes on. But since Disney bought Pixar and the movies they are collaboratively making are amazing, in this segment of our blog, I will be focusing in on Pixar.

Fun fact for you not local to Sonoma readers: John Lasseter (the founder of Pixar Animation Studios) lives here in Sonoma Valley! Let me just tell you, his house was always the best house to trick-or-treat at growing up, but that’s a story for another time 😊

When thinking of a movie for this post, I decided on Moana… let’s all just admit it… we LOVE Moana. Pretty much anything Disney/Pixar creates is gold at this point. I mean Frozen was 2014’s Moana, am I right?! (Frozen will come at another time though 😊). Not only is Moana a great empowering story, it also makes us all feel that tropical, beach, ocean, just keep swimming vibe we all latch onto once we start feeling the first signs of fall creeping in.

Please enjoy these recipes to pair with your movie night! A little something for the adults and a little something for the kids:

Movie Night Sonoma Syrup Coconut Moana Drink

Moana’s Pacific Breeze Mocktail:

2oz Sonoma Syrup Lime Juice No. 29

4oz Pineapple Juice

1 mango, chopped



Dip the rim of the glasses in out Classic Simple Syrup No. 0 and dip in shredded coconut shavings


*add 2oz Rum or 2oz Vodka for an adult twist

image via Pinterest.