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  • Pumpkins

    10 Cold-Weather Drink Recipes to Wow All Ages

    CaliGirlCooking.com If there’s one thing that’s synonymous with cooler weather, it’s the fact that the season brings tons of...

  • Pomegranate Power

    Pomegranate Power: The 10 Best Pomegranate Syrup Recipes

    CaliGirlCooking.com Here are the 10 best recipes featuring pomegranate syrup or grenadine – just in time for peak pomegranate...

  • tequilasunriserecipe

    Sonoma Tequila Sunrise

    Sonoma Tequila Sunrise   Print Ingredients 2 oz. Blanco Tequila 2 oz. orange juice ½ oz. Sonoma Syrup Co....

  • sonomawhyskeysourhero

    Sonoma Whiskey Sour

    Sonoma Whiskey Sour   Print Ingredients 1 ½ ounces Sonoma Prohibition Spirits Whiskey or Equal 2 ounces Sonoma Syrup...

  • cucumbergin

    Skinny Gin Cucumber Cocktail

    Skinny Gin Cucumber Cocktail   Print Ingredients 1 cucumber, sliced 1 Teaspoon Sonoma Syrup Co. Classic Simple Syrup 1...

  • motito


    Motito   Print A bracing citrus-mint flavor that accents the taste of this handmade Vodka. Served over crushed ice...

  • gingersangriarecipe

    Spicy Ginger Sangria

    Spicy Ginger Sangria   Print Ingredients 1 bottle of hearty red wine ½ cup Sonoma Syrup White Ginger Infused...

  • blackcurrantrecipe

    Berry Bramble Crush

    Berry Bramble Crush   Print Ingredients 4 blackberries 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 tablespoon Raspberry Meyer Lemon Syrup 1...

  • moscowmule

    Sonoma Moscow Mule

    Sonoma Moscow Mule   Print Ingredients 3 oz. vodka ¾ oz. Sonoma Syrup White Ginger Infused Simple Syrup ¾...

  • dirtymarinirecipe

    St. Patricks Extra Dirty Martini

    St. Patricks Extra Dirty Martini   Print Celebrate St. Patrick’s day with something a bit different this year —...