Our Favorite Sonoma Syrup Winter Recipes

We’ve been working with some fabulous bloggers recently and we’ve rounded up our favorite winter recipes that were shared with us this past winter! It’s always so incredible seeing how people get creative with our syrups.

Here are our favorite winter recipes!

CaliGirl Cooking’s Winter Spiced Vanilla Eggnog

Sonoma Syrup Co Spiced Vanilla Eggnog Winter Recipes


CaliGirl Cooking has been a fabulous brand ambassador with us and this spiked eggnog does not disappoint. A delicious way to celebrate the winter weather with a fun new twist on an old classic. It uses our Vanilla Bean Infused Simple Syrup so be sure to grab a bottle before visiting her blog for the recipe here.


Toot Sweet’s Homemade Vanilla Bean Marshmallows

Sonoma Syrup Co Homemade Marshmallows


Our Vanilla Bean Crush has been a kitchen staple for many, but especially Christina of Toot Sweet! We’ve loved the recipes she’s created for us, especially these homemade marshmallows! They’re the perfect winter treat whether you’re putting them in hot cocoa or using them to decorate gingerbread houses (though they’re much too delicious and we’re sure you’ll want to just eat them instead). See the entire recipe here.


CaliGirl Cooking’s Honey Citrus Detox Elixir

Sonoma Syrup Co Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Elixir


Robin of CaliGirl cooking again did not disappoint. Her detox elixir was the perfect solution for after holiday indulging and continues to be a staple into the new year. Get the Organic Apple Cider Infused Drinking Vinegar and see her recipe here.


Toot Sweet’s Toasted Vanilla Coconut Oats

Sonoma Syrup Co Toasted Vanilla Coconut Oats


If your morning breakfast routine has been in need of a facelift then look no further than this recipe by Christina. It takes breakfast to the next level! She again used our Vanilla Bean “Crush” (we love the creativity). So you won’t want to miss getting yourself a bottle before checking out her recipe here.

Do you have a favorite Sonoma Syrup recipe? Be sure to share them in an email to us, we’d love to try them!