Glamping with Sonoma Syrup Co.

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Why go camping these days when you can go Glamping! There are so many creative ways to make your camping experience a little more glamorous. You can trade in your tent for a chic popup camper, get cute little outdoor lights, and especially don’t forget the champagne!

But even if you like to go classic and just add a little extra glam to your experience, we’ve got the tools for you to do it! From day one to the end of your trip take your favorite Sonoma Syrup flavors with you for an elevated camping experience!

The Perfect Glamping Recipes

Acai Black Currant Champagne

No matter where you are or how luxurious (or rugged!) you like to make your experience, every camping trip is upleveled with a glass of champagne. Toast your first night with a couple glasses of Acai Black Currant Champagne!

Add a splash of our Acai Black Currant Infused Simple Syrup to a champagne flute and fill the rest with champagne. Add a blackberry to the glass and toast!

Vanilla Bean Coffee

Waking up the next morning if you decide you’re tired of basic black coffee on your camping trip just add a little bit of our Vanilla Bean Infused Simple Syrup for an extra dose of sweetness! Our syrup is the perfect way to start your morning before a day of hiking.

Chocolate and Caramel S’mores

After a delicious camping meal there’s always room for dessert. Instead of the classic chocolate bar drizzle a little Bittersweet Chocolate Syrup and our Sea Salt Caramel Syrup on your melted marshmallow on a graham cracker. The perfect end to your day!

Whether you like to go full glamping or stick with a regular tent these recipes are sure to glamp up your trip!