Summer Lingers

Summer Lingers Sonoma Syrup Co

I can still smell the peach that my co worker, Sarah passed by me the other day before it was gone to
the pit. It reminded me to stay in that glorious summer mode. Delicious fruits, vegetables and herbs still
have their mysterious aroma always makes snacking as my meal. I call it Sneals!

By now with the kids going back to school let the summer never wane perfect to pick up with no plates
a PANZANELLA SALAD is perfect . Use those over ripe tomatoes, mozzarella olives and chunks of Crispy
Croutons and top it with torn Basil. Then drizzle my favorite dressing with our #1v Apple Cider Drinking
Vinegar. You’ll want to always heave it mixed up and ready to go n the fridge- take a shot of it anytime.

1 garlic Clove
1 tbl Dijon
1/4 cup #1v Apple Cider Drinking
1/4 cup White Balsamic
1-2 tbl raw honey
1/3 cup EVOO
Blend and drizzle over salads and your family can enjoy it on the go

While the kids are feasting with the perfect salad try this quick addictive treat I find more than easy to
make. Take a banana and chocolate; just spread a whole wheat tortilla with #20 Bittersweet
Chocolate, banana and roll. Another sneal good to go!

Don’t turn on the oven yet and try an Old Timey Fountain. Using an array of Infused Simple Syrups and
Extracts will pull those drinks together with a healthy alternative. Try using Laloos Goat Milk Ice Cream,
mineral water and make a Chocolate Egg Cream with our #20 Bittersweet Chocolate. Great for a Black
Cow too! From #13 Almond Syrup to #4b Silver Anniversary Vanilla~the specs of Vanilla are what
everyone loves to taste and see in our syrup. Our Alcohol free Vanilla Extract added to your Fountain
drink makes a White Cow— just add ice cream and try coconut water instead of milk.

From our #1 Meyer Lemon Syrup, #18 Raspberry Syrup, are sure to delight the healthy eating you and your family are used to. It reminds me again why our founder, Karin Campion, started her company. She wanted to create healthy beverages not overloaded with sugar for her growing family. Since 2002 she has achieved this!

But we can’t forget ourselves with choices with this spectacular lazy days of summer-hot August nights.
Frosé? Yes just for you…. Take an ice tray or pan and add Crisp Rosé, add water and #8 Pomegranate Syrup, a squeeze of lemon juice, a tsp of spring water, then place in your freezer and stir after a few hours. It stays the right kind of frozen. A perfect Granita made from a crisp rosé with our little “Co. Cubes”.

Breakfast is always ready to go in my refrigerator. I usually cook enough in the morning to eat anytime. Later- just toast a whole grain English Muffin, soft boiled egg sliced, sautéed hash or sausage. Add a tomato or cheese and don’t forget to sauté the Hash or Sausage in a bit of #4 Vanilla for a fabulous flavor! I also love to make a Sriracha Mayo, and yes, I add #32 Five Citrus and keep it ready to go in my fridge.

If you you don’t want to come in till the street lights go on, remember there is always something that
will satisfy you when Sonoma Syrups are in the pantry. – Chef Debra