5 Healthy AND Delicious Mocktails to Sip On this Dry January

Who ever said drinks without booze can't be delicious? After a few months of holidays and celebrations, your mind and body will appreciate a break from cocktails during Dry January. The practice of "Mindful Drinking" has increased in popularity over the years and taking breaks from your favorite cocktail doesn't have to mean you don't get to enjoy a flavorful drink with lunch or to cap off the day.

Start this New Year off feeling refreshed with these tasty mocktail recipes that are simple to make, yet packed with vibrant flavors and authentic ingredients. Each of these beverages is a great treat to brighten up your day, or the perfect celebratory cheers to share with friends. As you focus on your New Year Resolutions, try these healthy and mindful mocktails that'll help you accomplish your goals and satisfy your tastebuds.

Sparkling Blueberry Spritzer

Sparkling Blueberry Spritzer

Enjoy Meyer lemon season year-round with this easy-to-make spritzer. This bright blend of Meyer Lemon Infused Simple Syrup muddled with blueberries - or pomegranates for the winter - makes for an ideal Dry January spritzer. Topped with sparkling water, you'll love how rejuvenated this mocktail makes you feel.

Lime Rickey Mocktail

Lime Rickey

This one is perfect for the citrus lover who is giving up margaritas for the month. This playful combination of sweet and tart from Lime Infused Simple Syrup made from fresh limes shines in this drink. Craft this Lime Rickey mocktail with only two ingredients to pair with your lunch for a refreshing pick-me-up. 


Ginger Ale Soda Mocktail

Ginger Ale Soda

You may never have store-bought ginger ale soda again once you experience how simple and revitalizing it is to make it yourself. Enjoy the classic taste of ginger ale soda enhanced with a unique sweet and peppery taste from fresh ginger in this Simple Syrup bursting with flavor. Plus with the added medicinal properties of ginger, this drink will become a staple in your household.

Raspberry Meyer Lemon Sparkling Lemonade

Raspberry Meyer Lemon Sparkling Lemonade

Savor the taste of raspberry season year-round with this sparkling lemonade. Natural raspberry puree with a splash of Meyer lemon juice is infused into this Simple Syrup so you can craft this exquisite drink with only a handful of ingredients. This is sure to become your drink of choice as you continue practicing "Mindful Drinking".

Mint, Raspberry & Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Tonic

Raspberry, Mint & Apple Cider Vinegar Detox Tonic

This detox elixir is a great way to start your day with powerful ingredients to promote good health. Simply infuse freshly squeezed lemon juice and apple cider vinegar with Mint Infused Simple Syrup (or the Simple Syrup flavor of your choice) to create a rewarding daily refreshment. Cheers to a healthy New Year with this daily detox tonic!



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