Espresso beverages, café lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, steamers, hot chocolate, hot tea, caramellas, Morrocan-style mint tea. Italian sodas, ice tea, lemonade, granitas, milk shakes, flavored whipped cream.
Signature cocktails, virgin cocktails, Italian sodas, flavored waters, multi-layered cocktails, Champagne, sparkling wine & sake cordials and natural Bloody “Olive” Mary cocktails.
Glazes & marinades, vinaigrettes & salad dressings, sauces, drizzle for cheese. Icings, sorbets, gelato, granita, whipped cream, flavored butters, cakes, pastries, ice-cream, snow cones, popsicles, yogurt & fruits.
Real fruit juice, botanicals, hand-harvested vanilla bean pods and pure cane sugar. No artificial flavors, colors, preservatives or pesticide residuals. No High Fructose Corn Syrup or fruit juice fillers. Non-GMO and gluten-free.

What makes Sonoma Syrup Co. products so different?

Real Ingredients. Locally Sourced.

Our Infused Simple Syrups use real ingredients — fresh organic Meyer lemons, organic Provence culinary lavender, fresh organic mint botanicals and real vanilla bean seeds swirl through many of our syrups.

Terroir – A Sense of Place.

All of our products reflect the terroir in which they originate. Our American Artisan extracts are pure and use real Tahitian and Madasgar Bourbon vanilla bean pods which are sourced from growers in the South Pacific.

California Olives & Citrus.

Our Pure Olive Juice comes from the brine of locally harvested California varietal olives – made without lye. Mixers are packed with antioxidant rich citrus juice sourced locally from our California orchards.

A Rich Culinary Tradition.

Dedicated to culinary traditions, we encourage and inspire and are grateful for acknowledgment from Specialty Food trade and to Oprah, home chefs, mixologists and those who cook professionally.

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Looking for delicious new ways to use our products?

From coffee to cocktails, grilling to baking, we lots of great recipes for you to try.

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  • I LOVE your vanilla extract blend! I’m a baker and it is by far the most wonderful extract I have ever used. The depth of flavor it gives cakes and buttercream has my customers saying that my products are the best they’ve ever had (and I’ve used other high-end extracts in the past). Thank you, thank you! Sometimes it’s hard to find here in NY, but when I do I buy the entire shelf! Keep up your amazing work and high standards!

    — Gina

  • Finally a syrup using real ingredients. Why use fake flavorings in your coffee drinks when real quality tastes are so superior. It may cost more but my customers were willing to pay for the best of ingredients. The Vanilla Syrup is the best on the market hands down and the Vanilla extract is so aromatic I wear it as perfume. I love the stuff.

    — Dawn PInaudlaunched and operated the 1st Starbucks Coffee store under Howard Schultz, CEO

  • “These syrups are very true to the essences they represent...they come in very handy for cocktailian pursuits, they also work well in coffee, teas and soda, and they can be used in the kitchen, too.”

    — The Cocktailian Gary Regan San Francisco Chronicle 

  • “Liquid love in a half bottle”

    KQED & S.M. — 2012 

  • The O List - Oprah Magazine

  • “Sonoma Syrup, they have made pomegranate syrup that you can put on ice cream or in cocktails.”

    — NBC, Today Show