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View our brochure of all-natural, Artisanal Simple Syrups, Handcrafted Extract Blends and Classic Bar Mixers from California.

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We provide the highest quality Infused Simple Syrups, Extracts and Bar Mixers.

All foodservice professionals, from chefs to baristas, mixologists to caterers and wedding planners, can enjoy our authentic products which are available in convenient, cost effective quantities, and easily incorporated into today’s creative menus. Infuse your cocktails, coffee drinks, desserts and culinary delights with these sensational flavors to bring inspiration to foodservice professional worldwide. Please email and we will be in touch to provide everything you need.

  • Simple Syrups are available in 375 mL + 750 mL (depending on the flavor)
  • Bar Mixers are available in 750 mL + 8 oz. (depending on the flavor)
  • Organic Pure Vanilla Blend and Vanilla Bean Crush® Extracts are available in 8 oz. + 1 Gallon
  • Pure Almond Extract is available in 8 oz. + 1 Gallon
  • Pure Lemon Extract is available in 4 oz. + 1 Gallon


    Samples are available for foodservice professionals. To request samples please email: