Sunset Celebration Weekend at Cornerstone with Sonoma Syrup Co.

On May 20th and 21st we celebrated at the Sunset Celebration with Sunset Mag and Cornerstone for a weekend full of culinary delights. If you’ve never been to Cornerstone in Sonoma it’s a beautifully rustic outdoor shopping area that can’t be missed on your next visit. With adorable spots to eat and the cutest little boutiques this shopping center celebrates rather than overwhelms the quaintness that makes Sonoma so special.


Walking into celebration weekend you were immediately welcomed with some of the best wines and food Sonoma County has to offer. The people were friendly and the weather was gorgeous to make for a perfect gathering of locals and visitors alike. Attendees were encouraged to experience gourmet food and exceptional wines. But also to see the latest in smart home technology with the Smart Cottage home exhibit. Along with that you could see fun glamping activities on display. As well as attend celebrity chef demonstrations in the Outdoor Kitchen Stage.

Sunset Celebration Mag- Sonoma Syrup

We teamed up with Chateau Sonoma in Cornerstone to provide an exceptional tasting experience. If you attended we hope you had a chance to stop by. If not you can easily make our served treat at home!

Acai Black Currant and Champagne Sunset Celebration Cocktail

All weekend we served our Acai Black Currant Superfruit Infused Syrup with champagne and an added twist. We had soaked julienne sliced lemon peels in the Acai Black Currant Syrup in a mason jar overnight and used them as a garnish in the champagne glass. And we also used a splash of the syrup with champagne. It was an absolute hit!

Sunset Celebration Mag- Sonoma Syrup

Next time you visit Sonoma be sure to stop by Cornerstone. And as always you know you can order all of our syrups in our online store here. We can’t wait for the next event!

Sunset Celebration Mag- Sonoma Syrup