Olive Mary Mix Shakshuka

When graduating from Culinary Academy a student finally places their chef hat on. There are 100 folds on the hat and it signifies 100 ways to cook an egg. This recipe will be made 100 times as it is so scrumptious! Shakshouka, Tunisian for “mixture” includes one of our most luscious handcrafted Mixers which will poach the eggs. It has deep Mediterranean roots that poaches eggs in a steaming bath of tomatoes. This Shakshouka is prepared with our Olive Mary Mix, and our “mixture” has a blend of local vine-ripened tomatoes, Pure Olive Juice, a rich tapenade, fresh citrus, and spices. Spoiler Alert: Serve with extra crusty Pugliese Bread to soak up all the goodness of this dish. Order a couple of bottles to have it on hand, and try this cocktail with a Basil Tom Collins that is perfect with this dish!


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