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Our Story


In Northern California’s Wine Country, exceptional ingredients, terroir and artisan blending are essential in the crafting of world-class wines and memorable meals. At the Sonoma Syrup Co., we apply these principals to our artisan culinary products.

Founded in 2002 by Karin Campion, Sonoma Syrup Co. is steeped in the regions culinary tradition of naturally derived, high quality flavors and healthful ingredients. Handcrafted in small batches, the uniquely American syrups and extracts reflect the flavors and sensibility of the region.

A lifelong California resident, Karin created the Sonoma Syrup Co. to capture and share the quintessential flavors of Sonoma. She is involved in the specialty food business and developed the Infused Simple Syrups from her own kitchen garden.

Karin studied architecture and gardens in Rome, Florence, Nantucket and in Southern California. She develops specialty foods for a variety of market segments as a culmination of her broad experience with botanicals, cooking, design and family life with her three sons.

As we develop new varietal flavors of botanically Infused Simple Syrup and other artisan culinary products, we encourage people who love to cook—both at home or in the professional kit—a taste of the principal of terroir and artisan blending, which have resulted in our extraordinary American Artisan products.


Award-winning products,
year after year.

We care about what you put in your body and believe that ‘healthy beverages’ and ‘great flavor’ can live in synchronicity. A little bit of sugar is a luxurious indulgence — so we take our product, the people we touch and our purpose personally.

We do this by being:


KIND, TRUE & SMART with the terroir. The journey our syrup makes to get to you is a sustainable one. Our bottles are made of recyclable and compostable materials. We handcraft in small batch kettles. We source locally and organic as much as possible and are on our way to non-GMO verification.

SIMPLE, PLAYFUL. We go all-out and aim for your Sonoma Syrup experience to be sunshine infused and smile inducing with each delicious all natural flavor you try.

REAL, PURE, AUTHENTIC. Our real fruits are natural and picked from organic orchards, fresh botanicals from organic gardens. Our sugar is pure cane. We strive to be as authentic and genuine as our fresh all-natural flavors and use only ingredients made by nature.

Hand harvesting fresh vanilla pods in Fiji.




Artisan Extract Gift Set – Gold
Vanilla Blend Extract – Gold
Almond Extract – Gold
Lemon Extract – Gold
Vanilla Bean Infused Syrup – Silver
Acai Black Currant Superfruit Syrup – Silver
Pure Olive Juice Dirty Martini Cocktail Mixer – Silver



Vanilla Almond “Orgeat” – Gold, Best of Division & Best of Show
Meyer Lemon Infused Simple Syrup
Mint Infused Simple Syrup
Acai Black Currant Simple Syrup
Pure Sonoma Olive Juice
Five Citrus Sweet & Sour Mixer



Olive Juice 2015




Pomegranate Simple Syrup
White Ginger Simple Syrup
Acai Black Currant Superfruit Syrup
Lavender Infused Simple Syrup
Mint Infused Simple Syrup
Cinnamon Infused Simple Syrup (seasonal)


Pomegranate Maple Syrup