Almond Torte

Indulge in this rich torte enhanced with the nutty flavor of almond and sweet vanilla bean pod seeds. Dust over a layer of powdered sugar and top with a dollop of homemade whipped cream. This delicious Almond Torte is sure to be a crowd pleasure. Enjoy!


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This is so divine! I made it for my grandson who is limited by allergies to milk in most baked goods. I think it will be our favorite desert henceforth. Being a marzipan fan I think I’m going to roll out marzipan to put on the top of the next one to see how scrumptious that will be as well. Probably overkill, but hey you only live once!
Thank you for the luscious recipes to use your products. I always enjoy them so much.

Jacquelene Bourassa June 23, 2022

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