Ginger Peach Cobbler

Recipe by Cali Girl Cooking

If you’re looking for a trusty, easy recipe to add to your summertime dessert rotation, this Ginger Peach Cobbler is it! Thanks to some of my favorite Sonoma Syrup Co. products like the White Ginger and Vanilla Bean Simple Syrups and the Organic Pure Vanilla Bean Extract “Crush” (with real vanilla bean seeds!) this tasty treat becomes extra-flavorful without you spending hours prepping it in the kitchen.

These products have become some of my favorite ways to add REAL ginger or vanilla flavor to my baked goods without slaving in the kitchen all day, because nobody has time for that. Am I right? Read on to find out how to make this yumminess come to life in your own kitchen ASAP!

Picture of ginger peach cobbler with vanilla bean simple syrup, white ginger simple syrup, and pure vanilla bean extract



There’s no complicated prepping. As long as you can slice peaches, you’re golden!
The peaches – along with all of the vanilla and ginger – provide the perfect trifecta of flavor.
It can be made in advance and either stored at room temperature (if being served the same day) or in the refrigerator (if being stored overnight).
It’s divine when served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!


The great thing about this recipe is, Sonoma Syrup Co.’s products make it so easy to add flavor without a lot of extra work.

The ingredients here are broken down into two parts: the peach filling and the cobbler dough.

For the peach filling, you’ll need:

Peach filling ingredients: peaches, vanilla and white ginger simple syrup, fresh ginger, and cornstarch


Peaches – If you’re making this in the summer, track down the freshest, juiciest peaches you can find. If you’re craving it off-season, feel free to substitute frozen ones!

Cornstarch – You’ll stir this in at the end to thicken up the filling a bit.

Fresh ginger – This along with the ginger syrup add the perfect complementary flavor to all the peaches. If you buy a knob of ginger like the one pictured, peel it and then use a grater or microplane. Alternatively, you can buy pre-minced ginger in a jar to save some time and effort.

Sonoma Syrup Co. White Ginger Infused Simple Syrup – Once you try this, you won’t be able to get enough.

Sonoma Syrup Co. Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup – [See above]

For the cobbler dough, you’ll need:

Cobbler dough ingredients: self rising flour, brown sugar, melted bugger, almond meal, vanilla bean simple syrup, and pure vanilla bean extract


Self-rising flour – Be sure to specifically seek out “self-rising” as this is a critical factor in making your cobbler rise beautifully!

Sugar, brown sugar – A little bit of both gives this dessert an extra layer of flavor that can’t be beat.

Melted butter – Don’t melt it until right before you’re ready to add it to your batter. Salted is fine here since we aren’t adding salt anywhere else.

Almond meal – This gives yet another layer of flavor and pairs wonderfully with the peaches. You could also substitute almond flour.

Sonoma Syrup Co. Organic Pure Vanilla Bean Extract “Crush” – Yes, this vanilla extract has REAL vanilla bean seeds in it and it makes such a huge difference flavor-wise!

Sonoma Syrup Co. Vanilla Bean Simple Syrup – [See above]



First, you’ll want to preheat the oven and prepare a baking dish. The rough measurements you’ll want are 12- by 8-inches, although this does not have to be exact. I’ve used a few different baking dishes of slightly different sizes and the cobbler has turned out great each time. Just be sure to place a rimmed baking sheet under the dish when baking in case anything bubbles over.

Next, prepare the peach filling by combining the sliced peaches, fresh ginger, and vanilla and ginger syrups in a medium saucepan over medium heat.

Photo of sliced fresh peaches with bits of fresh ginger in a pot to cook

Cook this mixture until the peaches begin to break down, then remove from the heat and stir in the cornstarch, breaking up any large clumps.

Picture of pot with fresh peaches and ginger cooked down for cobbler filling

Set aside and make the cobbler batter by combining all of the cobbler ingredients in a large mixing bowl.

Then pour this mixture into your baking dish.

Picture of cobbler dough in baking dish

Top this cobbler batter with the peach mixture…

Picture of cobbler peach and ginger filling on top of dough in the baking dish

And bake for 45-55 minutes, or until the cobbler part is cooked through.

Enjoy warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream!



How far in advance can I make this recipe?
While cobbler is always best enjoyed warm, the great news is that it reheats well. That being said, you can make it up to one day in advance and simply reheat it in the microwave when ready to serve.

What’s the best way to store cobbler?
If you’re enjoying your cobbler the same day you make it, you can keep it at room temperature and warm it up just a tad before serving (hopefully with some ice cream!) If you’re making it a day in advance, I recommend covering it with plastic wrap and storing it in the refrigerator overnight. It will still warm up fine in the microwave the next day.

I can’t find self-rising flour. Can I make my own?
Yes, you can make your own self-rising flour by adding two teaspoons of baking powder for each cup of flour. So, since this recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups of flour, you’d mix in three teaspoons of baking powder.

Can I make this recipe gluten-free?
Yes, but it may not rise quite as much. Simply substitute the self-rising flour with almond flour and add three teaspoons of baking powder.


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