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No. 10 White Ginger

No. 10 White Ginger


One of the oldest of all culinary spices, Ginger, ‘zingiberaceae’ has been cultivated for over 2500 years. Ginger had been known to enhance circulation, impart warmth to the body, help digestion, inspire amour and have therapeutic and preventative powers. We infuse premium fresh White Ginger (young Spring Ginger) in pure cane syrup for a peppery and sweet taste.


White Ginger Lime Martini
White Ginger Lemonade
White Ginger BBQ Ribs
White Ginger Chocolate Sorbet

Available in 375 mL

Ingredients: Cane sugar, filtered water, white ginger puree, citric acid, vitamin C (ascorbic acid), white ginger extract, vanilla extract, sea salt.


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